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A Forever House – a connection to your past, present and future

A Forever House – a connection to your past, present and future

August 9, 2013

A recent blog entry from Houzz caught our attention and got us thinking about the notion of a “forever house” – a home you’ve lived in or plan on living in for many years, from early beginnings through to retirement and beyond.

The truth is, with our busy lives, our homes – and the support they provide over the years – are often overlooked or simply taken for granted. As time passes, we may eventually see them as little more than four walls, a place to eat, sleep and gather for the occasional birthday party or backyard BBQ.

But maybe we should step back once in a while and take a closer look at what our homes also give us – those things we can’t necessarily touch or see, but what we can feel. It’s that connection to our past, our present and possibly our future. Was it our first home? Or one where children were born and raised? Is it where we still live and where our grandchildren now visit?

A forever house gives you all that and then some. It reminds us of that phrase, “If these walls could talk”. Why? Because, in a forever house, underneath a new layer of paint or behind a new door, all the comforts, all the joys, all the warm, sweet memories that have been part of your life remain and live on.

We know that a forever house isn’t always an option for some people. As the blog article notes, there’s a lot of mobility these days due to a number of factors (changing jobs, getting married) and some homes simply aren’t big enough for more than two or three people. But if you’re currently living in what you think might be your forever house, there are some things that you can do to make it more meaningful to you and your family. Renovations can do more than just give your home a fresh look. They can help you create new memories along with preserving the old ones.

Are you living in your forever house? What have you done to connect with your past, your present and your future? We love the ideas suggested in the article and, if there are things that you think should be included, we’d love to hear from you.

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