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A Phantom Screens gift for Mother’s Day? Here’s why!

A Phantom Screens gift for Mother’s Day? Here’s why!

May 10, 2018
The Perfect Mother’s Day gift: a Phantom Screens gift certificate keeps mom smiling.

Chocolates. Flowers. Candies. Cookies. Here today, gone tomorrow. (and sometimes sooner)!

As Sunday, May 13th dawns, Mother’s Day arrives in Ontario. It’s a day to celebrate mothers and thank them for their constant support and love. We rack our brains for ideas for gifts, and most of us go the usual chocolates and flowers route – as always.

This year however, how about putting some ‘real’ thought in getting her a gift that pays tribute to ALL that she does? Not just those flowers and cakes that might make your mom roll her eyes (in her mind at least) as she is too polite to say anything out loud.

How about changing that internal eye roll to a real eye-opener? One that makes her think – WOW-what-am-amazing-gift!

How about an idea that is refreshing – in the literal sense! Phantom Screens gift certificates for a retractable door or window screen that will let in the fresh air and provide enjoyable unobstructed views of the exterior. It will help your mom be constantly reminded of you each time she enjoys the screen and breathes in the fresh scent of summer air – minus the insects of course!

Phantom screens come with professional installation so a gift certificate is perfect if you are racking your brains for last minute ideas; or even if you are in deep trouble as it’s ‘Mothers-day-after’ and you totally forgot! With a gift certificate, your mom more so has the choice of having the screens installed whenever she desires.

So go ahead! Be creative! Honour Mom with a gift that keeps on giving. Combine it with something special that moms crave – a bit of your undivided time and attention. Add in that heartfelt hug – or why not hugs!

Think of the glorious days she will spend enjoying the fresh summer breeze and truly appreciate the gift that will continuously bring her joy for years to come.

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