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Best Road Trips in Ontario

Best Road Trips in Ontario

May 27, 2016

Ontario’s vibrant multiculturalism and beautiful landscapes make it a great province to explore. The province contains about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water with more than 250,000 lakes. Road trips are some of the best ways to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather with your loved ones. This summer group up some of your friends or your family and hop in your car with some good tunes to these locations. Because who doesn’t love a great road trip? The cool summers breeze hitting your face, windows down, music blaring, great snacks, and even better time. Hassle-free trips with no security check points, or immigration, or much additional planning. The road trip is one of the quintessential spontaneous adventure that can be enjoyed by all.

The Waterfall Capital of the World

Hamilton is known as the Waterfall Capital of the World because there are roughly one hundred cascades in the city. Located 1 hour southwest of Toronto, if you love to get the sweat breaking to see the best sights, you’ll love that hiking trails in the Hamilton area can take you to the best views of some of the most gorgeous waterfalls outside of Niagara.

Point Pelee National Park

One of Ontario’s most famous national parks and the southernmost tip of mainland Canada, is known due to its unique ecosystem. Many of Canada’s rarest plants and animals reside in the national parks due to the sunny, summery climate. At the park itself your group can go on easy trails, canoe, or relax on the beach.


If you aren’t much of nature person – trip to our nation’s capital for a trip filled with history, learning, and culture. Visitors can tour the old Parliamentary buildings, and see beautiful views of the Hill and the Saint Lawrence river flowing through the city. Ottawa also has many museums such as the National Gallery, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, and the Canadian War Museum.

The Wine Trail

Southern Ontario and southern British Columbia are home to Canada’s two main wine regions, and unless you have plans to go to BC anytime soon, a drive down “The Wine Trail,” can be a fantastic wine-tasting experience. The route exposes you to historic sites and rustic, charming communities in the Niagara Escarpment. On your trip enjoy the unique icewines or what some people dub Canada’s “liquid gold.”

St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market

As Canada’s largest year-round farmer’s market located this destination receives people from all around the world. Every week on Thursday and Saturday hundreds of vendors are there at the newly renovated location offering a platter of farm-fresh foods, and imported trinkets. Alongside your family bring your appetite as there is delicious, fresh ready-to-eat snacks to devour as you explore the market.

The Cheltenham Badlands

These badlands are located west of Highway 10 in Caledon, Ontario are known for their unique geological formations that are uncommon in the province. Please note, due to the erosion being done to the badlands by visiting hikers, photo buffs and litterbugs, the area is currently fenced off to pedestrians and cannot be climbed. While the future of the badlands is being decided, you can still enjoy looking at the beautiful and colourful formations from the road, and drive then drive north into either Cheltenham, Belfountain or Inglewood to enjoy an ice cream or latte to top off your day. It’s still worth a visit.

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