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Door Diaries | August 2017

Door Diaries | August 2017

August 25, 2017

– Fireside evenings are a part of summer living in Ontario!

Regardless of who we are and how old we may be, we have enjoyed an evening around the campfire at some point. The crackling wood accompanying the aromatic oak fumes seeps into our clothing and hair, remaining there to uplift our spirits well into the next day.

But boring old grocery store smores are so sticky, partiularly on our clothes! – and leave a chalky aftertaste. So this got me thinking, why should we have to sacrifice our refined taste for the sake of tradition?

Imagine this: beautiful, dark, orange rind chocolate; a crisp homemade wafer; and half of a perfectly roasted marshmallow, this way, way less drip. You can take this simple, redefined treat and pair it with a Spanish, Full-bodied, Mourvedre that kicks your Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon’s butt. When it comes to campfires, I was fed up with sacrificing taste for tradition! In fact, this great wine blend dates back around 2500 years: so talk about a tradition! This gorgeous blend of grapes from Spain, France, Australia, and even more local in The US finds itself paring well with the campfire seamlessly with its oaky and smoky notes.

But it doesn’t take a wine snob to know good wine! All it takes is a person who enjoys the familial experience that gathering around fire offers.

As we know, water usually beats fire much like paper-beats-rock. And at night the bugs are known to come out in dozens. So if the rain starts to fall as we sit around the fire, we can head inside to stay dry, yet still enjoy the evning breeze while keeping the bugs out. Our Legacy Screens by Phantom keep us close enough to feel fireside, while still allowing us the comfy pleasure of being out of reach of bad weather and black flies. We can even kick back and play Pictionary with our wine and smores (or even some-mores!).

It’s true! Our Phantom Screens play a big part in allowing us to contiue building family traditions. Remember to open up your door to good things like these.

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