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Door Diaries | July 2017

Door Diaries | July 2017

July 17, 2017

With this year’s overly rainy season, I am finding the days to enjoy the sun are few and far between. Sure, watering the plants can be checked off my list; but, when it comes to enjoying my outdoor space, the last thing I want to be doing is organizing and cleaning  – which takes up the few nice days that we have to enjoy the pool.

So this got me thinking: there has to be a better way to have a nice and easy to maintain space; sorting and buffering through thousands upon thousands of Pinterest posts is just frustrating, and frankly a waste of time. So this year, we invested in a few simple solutions that will last for years; natural wood tone lounge chairs, and we paired them with a neutral tone cotton-canvas lounge cushions. Much like linen sheets, you wouldn’t think the grainy texture would be comforting until actually laying on it. Turkish cotton is always the way to go with pool towels, and the ease of care matched with their durability made it a no-brainer.

With the money we all spend on our outdoor space, it would be silly to just enjoy it during the select sunny days. Having our pool gazebo screened with Phantom Screens’ new clear vinyl for motorized screens, when the rain clouds roll in, we simply retract our screen at the touch of a button.

These clear vinyl screens will protect your home’s porch or patio from rain, sleet and cold weather while allowing you to utilize a space that would otherwise be neglected throughout the year. This can make the difference between using your outdoor dining space a few days a year – to using it all year round. So regardless of weather, dinner poolside is not problematic anymore!

So don’t let rain spoil your outdoor entertaining this summer, and remember to open up your door to good things!

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