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Door Diaries | May 2017

Door Diaries | May 2017

May 25, 2017

– Our amazing seasonal team of young people for 2017

Just the other day, I pulled up to a coffee shop off of Main St. in Brampton, Ontario, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the young faces smiling back at me as I walked in. As the university term comes to an end for this school year, many young people are looking for work. And university students are a wonderful temporary resource for so many businesses. In so many of them, eagerness and a desire to contribute are clealy evident. So I started to think – as the workforce welcomes newer and younger faces like these smiling workers, what really defines a good work experience for these young adults?

Granted, I didn’t need to look much further than our own team for the answer.

For these young individuals, it’s our job as employers, and almost educators, to teach them teamwork, precision, and accountability. With our warehouse doors wide open for one of our busiest summer seasons yet, these skills definitely emanate from the grins on their hard-working faces. That saying, “teamwork makes the dream work” comes to mind. Now, more than ever, it seems that vast majority of the young population lacks this ability to work together, which I find amusing granting the interconnectivity that social media provides. But, with the right workplace and the right experiences, this issue is easily mended.

Phantom Screens recognizes that everyone’s situation is unique – hence the customizability of our screening solutions. But to be able to accommodate the vast range of solutions, precision is needed more than ever. That is why all members of our team go through extensive training, to develop a thorough comprehension of these screens much like knowing the back of our own hands. That way, the quality and trust that our customers deserve can truly be there. Whatever the workplace, when you open up your door to the possibility of a young worker, particularly one who has worked with Phantom Screens, you will be surprised by the great skills they carry on their tool belt.

On that note, we encourage you to follow our example and open up your door to educating the young workforce. They really are our future!



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