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How to Utilize Your Outdoor Space with Phantom Screens this Fall

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How to Utilize Your Outdoor Space with Phantom Screens this Fall

October 6, 2021

Fall is in full swing in the Okanagan, and we’re ready for it. But, we’re not quite prepared to give up that outdoor space just yet.

There’s nothing better than inviting friends and family over on those warm summer nights to enjoy your outdoor living space. Phantom Screens are a great way to moderate the temperature and airflow of your outdoor living space so you can enjoy those patios a little longer before the snow arrives. These retractable screens create an elegant and functional climate-controlled space and extend your outdoor season.

Phantom screens are custom-made to stylishly enclose any outdoor space and offer various mesh styles to suit your preference while providing a lovely ambiance to your patio area. When fully extended, they provide extra protection from the cooler weather during spring and fall, creating a warm barrier adjacent to your home, thereby reducing interior heating costs.

How do we keep warm once the sun sets?

Consider adding a heating element such as a propane fire pit or gas heaters; this will not only elevate the space but is a great way to stay comfortable outside for longer. Used in conjunction with the fully-enclosable retractable screens, it will maximize the use of your outdoor space. Phantom screens are made of highly durable materials that will hold up throughout the seasons with little to no maintenance. They retract fully and disappear out of sight for storage during the winter months or in optimal weather. Simply press the button control feature to raise or lower your screens to your desired level. Phantom screens will help contain the cozy atmosphere you’ve created. Along with the addition of some snuggly blankets, your guests will immensely enjoy your winter oasis.

In the heat of summer, our screens are genuinely remarkable. They reduce the direct rays of the sun, moderating the temperature. As well, they allow fresh air in without the annoyance of insects and provide more privacy. Phantom Screens reduce your air conditioning needs indoors and lower both your energy costs and climate emissions. They even minimize the effects of wind, rain, and dust, making these screens an invaluable addition to any Okanagan home.

Now that summer has ended, don’t be sad that outdoor time has come to an end. With Phantom Screens will extend your time outdoors in comfort and elegance this Fall. Enjoy your friends in the great outdoors, or simply curl up in the quiet with a good book. Be in charge of your environment with stylish Phantom Screens this season.

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