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Enhancing Home Comfort with Phantom Retractable Screens

Weaver and Rowan sit back and enjoying a hot drink.

Enhancing Home Comfort with Phantom Retractable Screens

April 25, 2024

When Mike Weaver and his wife Carrie Rowan decided to elevate their home’s indoor-outdoor living experience, they turned to the experts at Phantom Screens to install Phantom’s innovative retractable screen solutions.

As residents of Oakville, Ontario, Weaver and Rowan understood the importance of enjoying beautiful weather while protecting against bugs, sun glare, and other outdoor elements. They sought a solution not only for themselves but also for their furry friends to enjoy fresh air comfortably indoors. After researching their options and even trying DIY projects, they chose Phantom’s retractable screens for their superior quality, elegant design, and seamless integration into their home’s architecture—benefits that paired well with their trust in Phantom Screens, a reputable company and the leading provider of retractable screens in North America.

Unmatched Customer Service

What truly sets Ontario Screen Systems apart is our commitment to superior customer service from start to finish. During the initial consultation, our Screen Experts took the time to thoroughly understand the Weavers’ needs and provided personalized guidance on choosing the ideal Phantom Screens’ solutions.

Throughout the installation process, Ontario Screen Systems continued to impress with the professionalism and attention to detail. “The experience was simple, seamless, professional, and just look at it: It looks absolutely stunning”, said Mike Weaver.

But exceptional service doesn’t end when the job is complete. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers, providing easy maintenance and quick response times should any issues arise down the road. With a focus on delivering amazing results and standing behind our work, we ensure customers can enjoy their Phantom screens for years to come with complete peace of mind.

“It’s going to be with us for a lifetime,” said Mike Weaver.

Customized Installation for Indoor-Outdoor Living

The Weaver project involved installing multiple Phantom retractable screens throughout their home, including:

  • Two Phantom motorized retractable screens for the large patio, allowing them to open up the space while keeping bugs out.
  • Two Phantom oversized retractable door screens for greater airflow.
  • One set of Phantom retractable door screens with the captured edge option for easy access to the double doors from the patio to the dining room.
  • One single Phantom retractable door screen with the captured edge option for access from the patio to the kitchen.
  • One set of Phantom retractable door screens with the captured edge option on the double doors leading into the living room.

“Our new indoor-outdoor space is really a great addition to our home, and a great addition to our family. I think it’s going to bring us together for many many years”, said Carrie Rowan.

Expertise Makes the Difference

As the official distributor in Ontario for Phantom Screens products, Ontario Screen Systems worked closely with Mike Weaver and Carrie Rowan to understand their needs and design a customized solution. With over 30 years of experience, the Screen Experts at Ontario Screen Systems provided expert consultation, precise measurements, and flawless installation.

“The installation of the product was very efficient; they were in and out quickly, and everyone was very friendly and professional,” raved Carrie Rowan.

Whether for celebrity clients like the Weavers or everyday homeowners, Ontario Screen Systems brings the same passion, commitment to quality, and attention to detail to every project. With a focus on premium products like Phantom Screens and professional installation services, we help customers get the most out of their indoor-outdoor living spaces.

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