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Outdoor Trends for your Summer Gathering

Outdoor Trends for your Summer Gathering

June 27, 2018

Summer weekends are one of life’s little luxuries. Now that warmth and sunshine have finally arrived, it’s definitely a treat to relax in your back yard, entertain, enjoy nearby fireworks, and simply luxuriate in a meeting-free weekend.

One of the easiest ways to add luxury and tranquility to your summer is to redefine how you look at your backyard. In the past, many thought of their backyard as a piece of land for growing vegetables and letting your dog out to do its business. Today, you can create a personal oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by extending the comfort of indoor amenities to an outside living space.

Spend more Time Outdoors

Instead of strictly using your backyard for utilitarian purposes, expand your relaxation footprint and develop an outdoor living room. Create the same atmosphere that is found inside your home by integrating large, comfortable outdoor sofas and ottomans. Let your backyard be your playground and use bold colors. Control the evening ambiance by strategically placing outdoor lights that can be adjusted to the desired intensity.

Invite your family and friends to a summer movie or sports-viewing party after you install a weather-proof flat-screen TV and stereo system. You’ll certainly see plenty of RSVPs! Control the temperature by setting up ceiling fans to circulate warm summer air and heating lamps to breathe warmth into your outdoor living space.

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Turn your outdoor living area into a climate-controlled room using Phantom’s motorized screens with new clear vinyl retractable walls. Perfect for keeping away rain and wind, they create a room that, seconds before, was an outdoor patio or porch. Let that weekend dinner gathering last well into the evening while keeping both insects and the weather at bay.

If you have double French doors leading to your deck or patio, a set of Phantom’s retractable door screens forms a nearly invisible separation between your indoor and outdoor rooms. Double Phantom Screens are truly the only aesthetically pleasing way to screen a double door, whether in-swing or out-swing.

Feature Fire or Water

To bring a calming element into your space, introduce a flowing water feature. The soothing sounds of bubbling water streaming from a constant source can add a sense of tranquility that rivals most day spas. There are many ways you can integrate flowing water, including cascading waterfalls or ponds. Koi and other aquatic life transforms your backyard into a relaxing, Eastern-style garden.

If you really want to tie your project together, think about integrating either a built-in fireplace or a fire pit. These attractive, useful heat sources are ideal for romantic nights alone with your significant other or large family and friend get-togethers that keep people chatting well into the evening hours.

Foodies’ Favourite Place

Love to feed your family and friends? Turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen. Alongside your stainless steel grill, incorporate an island eating area so you can have company while you cook. Solid surface counters, like granite, are the most popular choice for outdoor kitchens. Don’t forget about installing a bar sink so you can quickly wash up after basting the meat.

Using retractable screens by Phantom Screens ensures that your home’s design aesthetic is maintained and the view to your beautiful backyard isn’t blocked. So go ahead, do something great with your backyard! Visit www.phantomscreens.ca for more information about enhancing your summer.

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