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May 15, 2016

Time to Change Your Filters

As the summer rolls around it may be time to pack in those warm comforters and substitute the heat for a cool blast from the air conditioning. However, before you turn on the AC make sure you follow these steps to keep it in shape! Studies show that indoor air pollution is among the top five environment health risks. Clogged,... read more
May 12, 2016

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year again where the flowers are blooming, the winter jackets are stored away, the sun begins to peek out slowly and the semi annual purge many Canadian’s go through – spring cleaning season! Carpeting and Rugs From feet to spills – your carpets are some of the most abused part of your home. To start off... read more
April 21, 2016

Door Diaries | April 2016

A series inspired by the beauty of opening up your door to good things! “A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” – Wayne Gretzky Sports opens up the door to so many things in a child’s life – and their life as an adult in the workforce. We are big believers that the lessons learned in a... read more
March 26, 2016

Door Diaries | March 2016

When spring arrives, everything seems to come to life. The morning light begins earlier, afternoon sun gets warmer and brighter, and the fragrances and colours of the world become more vibrant. It’s a great time to get outdoors – have breakfast on the deck, laze in the mid-day sunshine or nap in a cozy hammock. If we enjoy springtime, our... read more
February 4, 2016

Open Up your Door to a Great Career

Ontario Screen Systems Inc., Ontario’s Authorized Distributor of Phantom Screens since 1994, is seeking a Director of Sales with a proven track record in developing, implementing and directing business development activities along with a team of sales representatives, so as to achieve target objectives and contribute to the exponential growth of the company. Thanks to our sustained growth, we’ve created the new... read more
February 26, 2016

Door Diaries | February 2016

A series inspired by the beauty of opening up your door to good things! There is a saying that when one door closes, another door opens. When you hear that phrase, what does it bring to mind? Opportunities sometimes are presented to us in unusual ways. Have you ever had an opportunity in life present itself to you in the... read more
March 14, 2016

Open Up your Door to a Great Career

Ontario Screen Systems Inc., the authorized distributor of Phantom Screens in Ontario for more than 20 years, is looking to add to our team of outstanding, service oriented Field Sales Specifiers for the summer of 2016. We are looking for candidates with a current, valid driver’s licence who learn quickly, enjoy working both independently and as part of a team,... read more
January 25, 2016

Countdown to Spring with us!

We’ll admit it, we LOVE winter: the refreshing cold air, the fun of skiing and snowboarding, the hot chocolate by the fire. But by the time it comes to an end, we’ll admit to being quite ready for spring. How about you? Want to count down to spring with us. Here’s the countdown clock! The great thing is, it gets... read more
January 14, 2016

Door Diaries | January 2016

It’s January; a time of fresh starts! As we cheer “Happy New Year” and flip open a new calendar, the year ahead seems so full of promise.  It is said that the older we get, the more quickly each year goes by, and to me, that seems to be true. It’s hard to believe that our eldest son will start... read more
December 19, 2015

Door Diaries | December 2015

A series inspired by the beauty of opening up your door to good things! There’s nothing like starting a new year with a brand new date book. That fresh, new-book smell, the opportunity of 365 (or 366 this year) empty spaces that you can fill with all the actions, goals, activities and achievements you are striving towards. It’s an amazingly... read more