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Phantom Screens Ontario is now HomeStars Verified!

Phantom Screens Ontario is now HomeStars Verified!

June 4, 2018

 – We go the extra mile to ensure our customers’ safety!

We’re very pleased to let our customers know that we are now HomeStars Verified. What does that mean? HomeStars’ blogs tells consumers to “think of a Verified badge as the final seal of approval to be assured that you’re only hiring the most trustworthy pros for your next home improvement project.”

Earning a Verified badge is a voluntary effort that a Homestars-listed business opts in for. First, they submit an application form.Then a third-party screening agency checks for the following:

  • Criminal background
  • Credit check
  • HST registration
  • Professional licensing and trade certification

This verifications sits alongside the Criminal Background Check that Phantom Screens Ontario has been performing on all of our field employees for more than a decade. We work with Sterling Back Check to ensure that all of our field employees are free of a criminal record that could cause customers concern or worry when we visit their home.

If you have any questions on these measure we take to ensure your safety, please feel free to call us at 1-888-PHANTOM.

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