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Switch the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Switch the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

May 22, 2016

Ceiling fans are a popular home décor accessory, and often perform a double duty with built-in lighting. Homeowners who purchase a re-sale home that already has a ceiling fan installed may find themselves unfamiliar with the features and benefits they can bring. One big surprise many experience is that the direction in which your fan rotates matters! Turn yours on right now and see whether it is rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. Then check out the details below to find out why that matters.

Many people do not know there is a small button on their fan that switches the rotation of the blades between clockwise and anti-clockwise. This switch may seem elementary, but it actually performs and important feature. You should actually be seasonally changing the direction of your ceiling fan blades depending on whether you want to cool or warm your space.

By switching the direction of your ceiling fan to the standard counterclockwise direction – a pleasant breeze is created. A cooling effect is created because it forces ambient air down on you creating a wind chill effect in the room.

The fan should be run in the clockwise direction during cold weather as it creates an upward draft, redistributing warm air near the ceiling through out the room. This is created by drawing the room air up towards the ceiling and forcing the warm air down and out towards the walls.

Do you want to make sure that the air you are circulating in your home is fresh, rather than stale and recirculated? Add a Phantom Screen to your home to bring the beauty of fresh air into your home, while keeping bugs out.

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