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Thank you, 2020 – Our Message About a Year of Transformation

Thank you, 2020 – Our Message About a Year of Transformation

December 18, 2020

Ontario Screens Systems has been in business for over 26 years. Although we have faced many business changes, we never experienced a challenge like COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic forced everyone, including us, to make decisions during a lack of certainty. However, our way of doing business helped us favorably respond to the situation – and yes, we also experienced a bit of luck because the home construction and renovation industry is an essential service and can operate even during most restrictions. Therefore, we want to close 2020 with a grateful heart and welcome the New Year with hope.

Curious about how we went through the year of global disruption, mass cancelations, worldwide lockdowns, and economic recession? So, here you go…

Our business secrets 

Over the years, we have identified much more than the homeowners’ needs. We have invested in new technologies and hiring processes, listened to specialists in our field, analyzed the trends, increased our team’s safety training and standards, added flexibility in our responses, and been able to learn in the process. So, when Covid hit us, it wasn’t a single thing alone that was the key to our business success, but an arrangement of elements that makes us proactive and ready to work under unpredictable conditions. Also, our operations had to change dramatically even though the home improvement industry was considered an essential service during the pandemic. Overall, we were highly resilient. We learned how to work with the limitations of working from home, adopted waitlists, dealt with product delivery delays, added safety measures, and more. It was a challenge that bent us but did not break us!

Our gains 

As a result, in 2020, we experienced growth in motorized screen sales and the highest number of online reviews in one year alone. At the beginning of the pandemic, people realized that they would be spending more time inside the home. So, many opted for Phantom motorized screens that provide many benefits at the touch of a button, such as an increase of privacy, sunlight and insect control, reduction of energy consumption, and more! Proudly beside us, Phantom Screens has been investing in research, product development, and new technologies to manufacture a product that is the best in the business!

Additionally, in 2020, we received several inspiring testimonials from clients from all over Ontario during these unprecedented times. Many of them left online reviews on different platforms that helped us to gain awareness and certainly will help us on this matter in the next year too. However, most importantly, our client’s testimonials helped us along the way. Having feedback from our clients was very precious for our business. Like a mirror, all the feedback allowed us to see ourselves, our capacities and limitations, and adjust our operations during critical situations. All the changes have been crucial for our business growth and superior service, and we are grateful for each message and testimonial that we received during this year.

Welcome, 2021! 

So, although hard times, we are turning the 2020 page with hope. We are confident that we can get through tough times – we have technologies and experienced people with us, and we are walking on a sustainable path based on respect and truth. Ontario Screens Systems is proudly the combination of the best product with the best service that homeowners can experience! That’s why we believe that if 2020 was the year of transformation, 2021 can make us even better!

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