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Unveiling the Magic of Motorized Retractable Screens: A Whitby, Ontario Success Story

The view from the inside the pergola with two screens rolled down to the floor.

Unveiling the Magic of Motorized Retractable Screens: A Whitby, Ontario Success Story

June 5, 2023

Experience the magic of motorized retractable screens and witness the remarkable transformation of homes in Whitby, Ontario. Discover how Phantom Screens has brought happiness and extended outdoor living space to countless families, enabling them to watch movies or their favourite sports in a whole new setting.

The Beauty of Motorized Retractable Screens

Phantom motorized screens are the perfect solution for large openings, as they easily retract out of sight with a simple touch of a button. Suitable for all large openings, motorized Phantom Screens blend with any architectural style and suit the various needs of families. Each Phantom screen operates independently, allowing homeowners to stop them at any point on the tracks to suit their preferences for added privacy, insect and debris protection, and more. Additionally, Phantom has partnered with Somfy® to integrate with most home automation systems, including Lutron®, Crestron®, and smartphone devices.

Someone's hand in the yard operating the screens from a remote control.

Phantom Screens operated by a remote control


A Whitby Success Story

A young couple from Whitby, ON recently sought out motorized retractable screens for their new outdoor living space. With a newborn in the home, they were looking for a comfortable place to relax as a family while also protecting their privacy from the sun and neighbours. Ontario Screens Systems and Phantom Screens were able to meet their needs by installing three motorized privacy screens in the backyard of their house in the Whitby neighbourhood. The screens work independently, allowing the homeowners to fully open their yard or create a closed-off area for rest, movie-watching, sports cheering, or simply enjoying each other’s company in peace. They now have the freedom to customize their home and create a private paradise.


At Ontario Screen Systems, we have installed Phantom Screens in many homes since 1994, and it is always heartwarming to hear how much of a difference they make. The same couple, owners of the house above, shared their positive experiences with us. They were impressed by the smooth and professional installation process, and they now enjoy spending time outdoors with their newborn. On the very first day when they used the screens, it was a warm and sunny day, when they hosted a barbecue and relaxed in their pergola, which was protected by Phantom Screens. They even invited their friends over, who were equally impressed by the screens and the transformation they brought to the family’s backyard. It’s great to see how much potential a simple addition like Phantom Screens can bring to an outdoor living space.

The detail of the mesh with the Phantom Screens' logo

The detail of the mesh with the Phantom Screens’ logo

Enjoying Outdoor Living to the Fullest

Phantom Screens provide homeowners with an opportunity to expand their living space outside of their homes. Especially during the hot summer months, people want to be able to enjoy a cool, bug-free environment with protection from the sun. Phantom motorized retractable screens can be customized to fit any outdoor space, including backyards, porches, and patios. Families and friends can gather in this new outdoor living area to watch TV shows or sports, while also being protected from insects and sunlight. Parents with young children can also take advantage of Phantom Screens, as they offer various mesh options that provide added privacy and insect protection, so the little ones can be safe, and adults can rest. Not only does the usage of outdoor space increase, but the value of a home can also increase with the addition of Phantom Screens. Overall, these screens are a great investment for both homeowners and their guests.

Join the growing number of families in Whitby, Ontario, who have discovered the magic of motorized retractable screens from Phantom Screens. Experience the beauty of extended outdoor living space, increased privacy, and the thrill of enjoying movies or sports in a new setting. Become part of the Whitby success story and make your home the talk of the town.

Talk to a Screen Expert today and explore some options available for your home’s needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding retractable screens and exceptional customer service, from the very first call to the lifetime of the screens.




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